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Project Description

This project is a continuation of MangaRipper. The bulk of the credit goes to the original creator, NguyenDanPhuong.

First time here? Please see the Documentation.

MangaRipper 2 supports the following websites:

More will be added in future releases.


  • Auto update.
  • Download multiple chapters at once, threaded connections.
  • Bookmark your favorite manga.
  • Use proxies.
  • Save manga to CBZ, PDF or just use the images (default).


I am a very busy college student struggling to get by. If you would like to contribute to the continued development of this project, please donate any amount of money you can using the link below. MangaRipper will always be free to use, but I do need some support to keep my internet bill paid and my stomach reasonably full.

Donate via Paypal

As a donator to this project, you may request specific features that you would like to see implemented into MangaRipper. These features will automatically go to the top of my to-do list (if it is feasible of course). I don't have much to offer in return of your support so this is really all I can think of to thank you.

Donate via Bitcoin

I can also accept donations via BTC! Please forward anything along to: 1AMWEFV7sr7DwnpmugUS8kKtWh59MzR5ZE

Donate Via Bitcoins!



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